MIXED MEDIA | 83X60 cm





Rings of life #2

83x60 cm

#4 WHY

When you express your feelings, in whatever form they come out (painting, writing, music) the message is not always clear and explicit. Whatever it's worth has a strong concept behind it, otherwise it's simply about aesthetics and empty contents disappear quickly.

If you've read my previous articles, maybe you've perceived my intent that moved me to build this collection of memories, but I think it's time to explicitly tell my WHY.

As it will be already clear, this journey was illuminating in a dark time, it triggered something inside me.
The idea of fixing memories comes from the strong desire to celebrate the people and experiences that moved my change.The nails, very often associated with negative aspects, are in my case the hinge of my expression.
Fixing the salient features of the faces of my change is like stopping the memories and giving them new life, joining them with the wire to give them continuity.
This is the principle that drives my art.

Why I do it is clear.

I want everyone to be able to see and perceive a fragment of my inner and outer journey that is in fact not only "mine" but is a journey that sooner or later everyone will make, a journey of awareness.
This taught me to don't settle for anything, to understand well, in the confusion of life, what is the most suitable way for me, stopping to listen to those who are the dogmas imposed by society.
I met myself and I improved it and I think it's a step that we all eventually take, whether it's 20 or 50.

Often people ask me how my style was born, whether it is the result of an excessive research or years of experimentation; the truth is that my "style" is the result of an intuition, which comes from the unconscious reworking of things that have marked me.

I didn't choose how to express myself, I felt it.
And I think that's kind of what happens with love: when you desperately look for it, you often don't find it.

My wish is that the eyes of my paintings can arouse strong emotions, like those I felt while celebrating them.