MIXED MEDIA | 83X60 cm





Rings for life #2

83x60 cm


Where were we?! oh, yes...people!
In my life I totally underestimate the power of people. Wait! I can explain!
I've never seen people as a way to learn something new, a way to grow faster; I've always been a lone wolf who wanted to gain everything on her own.
This mental approach can be good to grow with your strength but makes your social life at the second place and your attitude becomes selfish.
After 24 year spent in a certain way nobody thought of a change.
It seems a cliché, "after a spiritual travel she has changed" but actually is more than this.
It was not immediate, it is a long process that is still on going.
BE PATIENT, my journey was long so it needs a long introduction before the heart of the topic!

When I was in Thailand, precisely in Bangkok, my friend and I were walking on the street. We landed in BK two day before, so we still didn't know the city.

Suddenly an old woman stopped us and asked us if we needed help, if we already knew what to visit in the city and suggested us to take a ride on the long traditional Thai boat. She wrote us to a small post-it where to go to take the boat, she also said how much we should have paid, and she draws two small girls on the boat.
She also wrote how to say "hi" and "Thank you" in Thai.
Everything happened so fast that we were so disoriented, she was talking like a machine. Actually she has perceived our lost-look, so she stopped a tuk-tuk (a traditional Thai taxi) and she told to the driver to bring us to the port and to tell the captain of the boat that we HAD to pay ONLY 800 bath for the ride.
"You have to do the trip on the looooong boat! It is an amazing experience!"
She was so strong in the way she expressed, and she guaranteed for us.
The woman confessed that she stopped us because we seemed so naive and young that she felt in her heart that we needed help.

Honestly, at the moment I didn't realize the situation but after a while I was asking my self "Did she really helped us in a genuine way?!"

I was not used to this type of approach to people, in Italy, even if everyone says that we are solar and warm, we don't have this tendency of helping the others.
This was just one small episode of the kindness that put the foundation to my gratitude approach to life.
Every people I met were a piece of my amazing new construction for my spirit and my mind.

When I realized that in the world there are people who help you without nothing in return, something in my heart has started burning.