MIXED MEDIA | 83X60 cm





Rings of life #1

83x60 cm


The collection of "People I met in Thai" starts with a beautiful woman, the first I met on my way through the long neck village.

The aspect of my trip that I was waiting with all myself was living the village life, touch with hand their traditions, sleep in the handmade wood houses.
If I think of my perception of that experience I can notice that now is totally changed; I was curious and enthusiastic while now I feel empathy and affection for that people.
They were extremely calm and allowed themselves to be observed, as if they were abandoned to that destiny.
The rings considered a blessing in the past, now is a sort of constriction that let them live.
Their eyes fixed in mine and in my lens aroused in me deep tenderness, that made me understand that I, who was on the other side, was privileged despite my eyes being lost among those of so many other people all over the world.
While my eyes were lost, their were fixed on those who photographed them.
Only a child has sketched me a smile, almost as if not resigned to the loss of her childhood.

Why have I called them with all the same name?!
It is not disrespectful, if I had known their names, I would have given them as a title of my works.
In reality, I didn't have enough elements to distinguish them from each other to celebrate them properly.
It was all so fast while their eyes were fixed.
So I decided that they should be remembered, they should be seen from all over the world because they did not deserve a simple caress, they did not deserve to be just a photo to show to friends.
Their eyes dug me in, that's how I decided to fix memories.
I have a particular affection for each of them, they all communicate different feelings to me, but they are feelings that I elaborated only by dealing with them with nails and wire.

There is a work in the collection that has not yet been published, the largest, the one linked to the place that I consider paradise on earth, my favorite place in the world. Subject was driving a boat in a purple soccer outfit.
When we stopped him to ask him to show us around we said: "we want to go to the most beautiful place on the island".
So he, quietly, on a cloudy day, took us to an island not inhabited by man, where the boats could not dock, he pointed us to a small beach where you could only get by swimming.
The sea was rough, but we jumped, as soon as we arrived we saw it.
The paradise of sand between two rocks with the rainforest behind.
The beach was covered with stones stacked one above the other in balance.
Whoever arrived there had to stack stones to fix his presence in that place so immaculate.
Barefoot and wet I entered this small forest surrounded by rocks and lianas, the noise of silence was deafening.

I remember every single detail, I don't have any photos I can watch again to remember that place, I just have to close my eyes.
After two days, walking down the street I saw him again, the same purple soccer outfit, he had already noticed me and raised his hand to greet me.
I felt so special.

Thanks to you
and thank you, Koh Phi Phi Leh.