MIXED MEDIA | 83X60 cm





Rings for life #3

83x60 cm


When you travel there are different approach you can choose:
-being detached and observe the environment as a third person
-trying to catch the essence of a place
To perceive a new place in all its integrity you have to be open minded, you must be ready to be upset by a new culture, especially if you go on the other side of the world where everything is set differently.
I've always tried to be a respectful tourist even if sometimes I had the feeling that I was defacing the balance of the environment with my curiosity.

The biggest thing I've learned by my trip in Thailand is gratitude.

As I said on the #0 I was going through a gray period of my life where my future was totally uncertain and this status were effecting so much my state of mind. The fact was that I had everything: a degree, great friends, a family who supported me, I had in my hands the possibility to choose the direction of my life, but I was totally unhappy; I was waiting for a sign.

So I was in Thailand with this big unknown in my mind.

The most professed religion in Thailand is Buddhism, it is not only a religion, it is a lifestyle. People are extremely respectful of the Buddha and all its representation. Every time they see his peaceful face they join their hands in sign of respect and gratitude.

Buddha doesn't ask anything, doesn't give strong impositions, doesn't pretend to be faithful but people chose to follow his thought. People chose to be thankful to the Buddha for all the things they have even if what they have sometimes is not enough to live a comfort life.
The Buddhism approach teaches people being thankful to other people, teaches to be kind, to accept the others, to help the others and teaches to tolerance. Most of the Thai population spend the whole day on the street, in a deep contact with other people in a sort of great community.
Coming from a western culture, I was used to living my life on my own, avoiding contact with people when it is not required, trying to achieve and solve my problems on my own.
Observing this amazing different approach to life I've started thinking that opening up my mind to people and opening my heart to gratitude I would have been happier, I would have lived my life with more awareness.

Because sharing makes your burden lighter.

So I started sharing my kindness to other people.
I started being grated to the Thai people who unconsciously with their behavior taught me to be the best version of Giorgia I've always been.
After this awareness I felt in debt with this people, and I was afraid to lose the pieces of this great new consciousness, so I started to pin.