MIXED MEDIA | 83X60 cm





Rings for life #1

83x60 cm

#0 2019  YEAR 0

Sometimes you feel the needs of changing your life, maybe unconsciously but you need it.
This is what happened to me at the end of 2018.
I was at the end of a cycle, I took my degree in architecture so I had to decide what to do for my future, what to do for my life. I crumbled into a bag of uncertainty and I really didn't know what to do and where to start, I had no focus for my future, only thousand of questions: Do I wanna be an architect? Should I move to Germany? Should I search a job in Italy?
Tons of question that I haven't tried to answer immediately, I decided to do...nothing!
I've tried to enjoy life ignoring the uncertainty, having only one motto: all the things will end up in the way they must be.
I took a plane and I went to Thailand for one month, the intent of my journey was totally not spiritual, I just wanted to celebrate the end of university with my best friend and having fun.
April 2019, when my mind has changed.
You surely know that Thailand is a land full of pleasure; pleasure for the body, pleasure for the eyes but overall pleasure for the spirit.
It is not about the temples, it is not about landscape, mountains or sea.
It is about the people.
This was the key, the people were the key to understand what I needed to change my life.