Giorgia is a Nottingham based architect and artist.

She has studied architecture in Venice and Munich; the architecture degree has developed in her digital skills and a sort of capacity of deep analysis for things that are around.

The passion for Art has born when she was a child thanks to her dad who is an art collector so she raised whit the dream of being a great artist.


Giopsbox has born in 2015 as a conceptual box where the artist has been putting all the strange ideas she had in mind. It becomes reality when Giorgia decided, in 2020, to make the conceptual ideas come true.

Her style is a mix between photography, digital art, painting, sculpting.

Every piece of art has a history, the biggest part of her inspiration comes from her travels around the globe, analyzing the enviroment and the expression of people.

In fact are the people and their emotions the central part of her work. Pieces of moments printed to make that feeeling lasting more than few minutes.