After a deep connection with my inner part and my reborn, thanks to my first collection "people I met in Thailand", I had a deep throwback to my education. I've analyzed all the bricks I've set in my life and my architectural studies had a main role in my art's concept.

Thanks to my university education I've developed this sense of analysis of things that surround me, trying to understand the WHY of every single aspects or behavior of people and things.

Every project I designed developed in me a great sensitiveness, especially for people's needs.

Architecture & psychology is still not a common topic.

Architecture needs psychology to let the function of architecture itself more effective for the people who are going to live the building.

This is very important especially for the healthcare when the perception of some spaces are altered.

Thanks to the research I did when I was a student I've designed projects for people which have people as the center of the design.

"Back to basics" wants to celebrate my way through architecture & psychology and wants to communicate how important is to rethinks spaces based on your needs.

Thanks to this projects I am who I am.

4 projects
4 paintings
4 architectures of the soul.

-The hug treatment


-Fragments of memories

-Peace pavilion