I've always been a restless, curious little girl who had to create so as not to get bored.
The ability not to get bored is the hardest obstacle to face for me, not yet overcome; In me there is still that child in constant search of input.
Architecture has fed my creative restlessness, making me work constantly to solve puzzles, design things of extreme complication and get higher and higher.
I always saw myself as a cricket, jumping quickly from one thing to another without stopping for a moment, because that moment of static would make me lose precious ground and boredom would bring me down.
The decision to stop after graduation was risky for someone like me, but necessary.
Stopping for a while I was afraid of falling into a vortex of immobility that would never let me go on, so it was a complicated period (but you already know if you read all the blog articles).
Taking a break, in addition to having reflected on my life, I also reflected on my relationship with architecture.
Like any love affair, I started to question what was between us.
The relationship that I had established with architecture was platonic, all the philosophical concepts that were the basis of my projects could only remain on paper. The architecture in the world of work was different, it was raw, cold, rigid and almost soulless especially in a country like Italy where we don't build so much and what is built is in the hands of large studios that colonize the market.
I didn't agree to serve an architecture that made me do small renovations and the most exciting thing was to choose the bathroom tiles.
I didn't want my pure love of architecture to be ruined by a petty reality.
The world is not yet ready for a different and transversal architecture, which touches all the focal points of life.
So I decided not to depend.
I decided to start building my world where I could express my feelings through channels accessible to all, having my own project from A to Z.
And those who think that architecture has nothing to do with this are mistaken.
The architect can be anything.
The architect is an artist
The architect is a designer
The architect is graphic
The architect is an aesthete
The architect can be anything.
Go ask Leonardo Da Vinci.